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Cosmetic Dentistry

  Brief introduction

  The purpose is to improve the cosmetic dental smile, comes to teeth, gums comprehensive medical, health, services, first need to determine the principles that the United States should be based on health, beauty is not so unhealthy oral beauty pursuit of goals. Major improvements lip beauty lip, lip, teeth and USA improve the alignment, color and shape, gums and USA to improve the shape and health.

  Main Category

  Dental Implant: refers to a lower part of the structure of the implant within the bone tissue as a basis for support, edentulous restorations retained an upper dental prosthesis. Including support for an upper dental implants and a lower portion of the prosthesis in two parts, primarily for the treatment of tooth defects and missing work after.

  Orthodontics: orthodontics include a wider scope, usually refers to the technical means through the mouth, teeth, trimming malalignment, abnormal tooth shape, tooth color abnormalities during treatment. Orthodontists There are various methods, such as resin veneers, porcelain veneers, porcelain teeth, orthodontics, etc., according to the actual situation of the individual teeth, malocclusion types, etc., and then integrated the choice of treatment to individual requirements, each method advantages and disadvantages, different people have their own preferences, and doctors need to check to determine the direct exchange program. The main points of functional and aesthetic correction of the correction.

  Porcelain teeth (crown of beauty): quick fix pigment teeth, deformed teeth, dental fluorosis, tetracycline stained teeth, tooth missing, porcelain dental restoration failure and other dental problems. Partial porcelain teeth porcelain fused to metal crowns, dental restorative measures is considered to be difficult to surpass by far. It requires first rubbed off some of the original tooth, and then sets up to be a crown, and then attach a crown on top of the ceramic firing into a lifelike appearance, good biocompatibility, strong and durable dental restorations . Successful PFM realistic shape, color stability, acid and alkali, is a persistent restoration.

  Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening refers to chemical oxidation bleaching medication on the tooth surface or inside, react chemically with tooth bleach the color of the tooth itself, or objects adhered to the tooth surface covered tooth color, tooth color white the process of. Teeth whitening methods are teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening, ultrasonic scaler.

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